Will live streaming dominate the future?

Will live streaming dominate the future?

While it hasn’t quite taken off yet, live and streaming content are on a skyrocketing growth trajectory, and the more savvy brands will offer it to ride the curve.

Personal brands will soon overshadow corporate ones, and “If you don’t already have the power of personal brands working for your corporate hub, it’s time to upgrade.” These are two predictions by Forbes contributor Jayson DeMers in a recent article titled ‘7 Content Marketing Predictions For The Rest Of 2016’.

Other predictions include the rise of vertical videos like SnapChat, and the increasing use of user-generated content, “especially with individualistic apps like Instagram and SnapChat starting to get more attention and respect in the marketing community. He also believes that ‘Storytelling will take shape in new ways,” including emojis, single images, or an interactive experience. “There are tons of new ways to “tell stories,” and there will be massive rewards for the leading brands who figure this out,” he asserts.

Despite all the recent hype however, Jayson is not so upbeat about Virtual Reality. “While I do think VR represents a powerful and exciting future vision for content (and content marketing), but for the rest of 2016, you probably won’t have to worry about it,” he argues.

And finally, based on ”the actual answers given by fellow marketers,” he predicts an all-around increase in content marketing budgets. Wishful thinking?

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